«Trapela», Built completely out of the stone from its birthplace, the mother land of Mani, a new traditional hotel, is situated at the entrance to the picturesque town of Ares, Areopoli. Our GuestHouse is away from: Airport:80.0km Port:2.0km Beach:1.0km Hospital:2.0km.

Recommended routes: 273 Kms, 3 hours 8 minutes. Driving directions from E65 exit heading to Areopolis. This route includes toll.

1. Heading North to Eleutheriou Venizelou road
22 m

2. Turn left to the first exit heading to Eleutheriou Venizelou road
86 m

3. Keep driving to Omonoia Square
100 m

4. Keep driving to St. Konstantinou road
550 m

5. At the roundabout at Karaiskaki Square, take the 3rd exit to Achilleos road
700 m

6. Keep driving to Leoforos Athinaion
11,5 km

7. Keep driving to Athens-Korinth national road
Route include tolls.
6,0 km

8. Keep driving to Olympia road/A8
Route include tolls.
4,6 km

9. Take the exit to E94
Route include tolls.
58,7 km

10. Keep driving to A7/E65 (labels to Tripoli/Kalamata)
Route includes toll.
75,0 km

11. Keep driving to Tegea/Sparti
220 m

12. Enter Tripoli-Sparta EO/E961
Keep driving to E961
54,7 km

13. Turn right to 118 road
650 m

14. Turn left to Kon. Palaiologou road
900 m

15. Keep driving straight to Sparta-Gytheio/E961
37,4 km

16. Turn right to Gytheio-Areopolis interection
21,2 χλμ

17. Open left turn to Areopolis-Gerolimena intersection
200 m

18. At the roundabout, take the first exit
140 m