Activities & Sights

Discover Mani

For historical and educational activities, compining your tour paths and settlements in Mani, we suggest among else:

  • Kranai islet(or Marathonisi) with traditional Tzannetakis Grigorakis tower, which built in 1829 and houses the Historical and Ethnological Museum of Mani.

  • The famous castle of Mystras, striking all seasons.
  • The magical Cave of Diros, including rich findings.
  • The Neolithic Culture Museum of Diros including very interesting exhibits.
  • Tainaro, the southest edge of Continental Europe, including the Temple of Poseido.
  • Olive and Greek Olive Oil Museum in Sparta.
  • The Tomb of Vapheio in Amykles.
  • Mavromichalis mansion in Areopolis.

  • The Ancient Theatre of Gythio.


Nearby beaches, such as Limeni, Marmari, Porto Cayo, Almyros, Kampoi, etc., welcome visitors for swimming in the summer, for winter walks, providing fresh fish and local Mani’s cuisine taverns all year long.

Trapela’s staff is at your service, always willing to answer questions, give you background information about the area and suggestions for beaches, tours, trails and activities for all season activities.

Here are some activities you and your friends can enjoy:

  • Hiking with local guide

The most in­ter­es­ting way to dis­co­ver an area is on foot. The Ma­ni of­fers ever­y­thing: from a re­laxed stroll through the fields and olive groves around Are­o­poli to chal­len­ging moun­tain walks of se­ve­ral hours.
Nature, history, geology, even ar­che­o­lo­gi­cal trea­sures can be found in abun­dance by the at­ten­tive ob­ser­ver. Wan­der­ing past olive and carob trees, among aro­ma­tic bu­shes of broom, thyme and sage, and the scen­ted wild flo­wers ador­ning the bare rocks, you may dis­co­ver one of the nu­me­rous little chur­ches da­ting from the 11th to 13th cen­tu­ries, an aban­doned set­tle­ment, a rare wild flow­er or a fos­sil, and end up in a se­clu­ded lit­tle bay for a re­fresh­ing swim in the tur­qoise wa­ter.
Tip: Tough wal­king boots and trou­sers are the best pro­tec­tion against the prick­ly un­der­growth; wal­king san­dals, shorts and tren­dy out­door wear are ra­ther use­less!


  • Excursions
ekdThe best tour is Mani’s peninsula tour: Follow the west coast down to Tenaro and then rise from the east one, to fullfill a complete circle throughout Flomochori and Loukadikon. If you do not return to any of Mani’s villages, you can continue walk reaching Kotronas village, ending to Gytheio. Stop into it’s largest part, Stavri village, walk to the impressive Vathia Tower town, admire the vertical rock in Gerolimena, then safari Byzantine churches in Laya (St. Zacharias, Panoros, St. Nikolas) and in Flomohori (Sts Asomatoi – admiring their Frescoes), sense the absolute solitude of Cape Tenaro – the southest edge of Continental Europe, where there was, according to legend, the gate of Hades. Alika is ideal for diving, Porto Cayo for kingfishers,Paliros makes you feel the wildness in all its glory, Tigani is ideal for hiking as the castle of Great Mahinis, into the “head” of the fryingshape cape.
  • Swimming-Cycling

kolSWIMMING: The fact that Mani has very few sandy beaches has protected it from mass tourism and its unpleasant side effects. The coast is rocky and the sea deep. Swimmers can plunge into the crystal clear water from flat rocks or pebble beaches.
Mask and snorkel reveal the silent splendour of the underwater world: a swift hunter, a shimmering school, a starfish or an anemone, an octopus, maybe an antique amphora covered with shells, and if you’re lucky you might suddenly find yourself swimming in the company of a turtle (kareta kareta).

CYCLING: Even the main roads are quiet, but the real attraction for the cyclist is the many country lanes, some un-metalled, which take you into the remotest parts of the countryside. Passing olive groves and stone walls you can enjoy the serenity of the landscape and the “song” of the cicada. You can find everything from gentle freewheeling to a really challenging ride.

  • HORSE Riding

For those of you with more or less experience in riding horses, looking for multiple ways to get in touch with nature and feel perhaps more free, more primitive…
Riding the horse, confident and self trusting, start your tour in Mani. Ride your Horse in streets and alleys crossing mountains, canyons, rivers or beaches and get the most of excitement..! Landscapes with powerful contrasts, unique geology, ecosystems of special beauty, makes your tour special and literally take you off!
An amazing opportunity for a whole family or a group of friends in lovely relaxing walks always with the guidance of experienced instructors.
The horses will be very friendly and cooperative with you from the first moment and your participation in their preparation will help you become familiar with them. You will proceed to exercises, you will learn pace, you will gain control of the bridle, and finally you will be trained on how to accept your horse, commands from you.

  • Excursions Sea kayaking –  Trips with speedboat  – Center maritime activities in Limeni.